Helping you preserve and grow your future

In Greek mythology, Aegis is the shield used by Zeus, the king of the gods.  It is a symbol of protection and strength. At AEGIS Financial Advisors we believe that protection is at the core of a strong financial plan. AEGIS Financial Advisors is an independent financial services and insurance consulting firm. As an independent firm, we offer objective solutions with our client’s goals in mind.  We do not manufacture financial products nor do we have proprietary products that we must sell. Our clients include small to medium sized businesses, professionals, retirees, and their families. Our services range from helping our clients develop a plan to enjoy a financially independent retirement as well as developing ideas for businesses to attract and retain valuable employees.

We work with our clients to develop and prioritize their financial goals, and help them implement a strategy to minimize their exposure to unnecessary risk.  We believe that each client's financial needs are as unique as his or her fingerprint, which is why we have the ability to develop a plan that serves those needs.