Investment Advisory Services

Successful investing is about more than gains & losses; over the long term it encompasses everything from your values and goals to your legacy. 

We believe your investment plan should align with your personal values and objectives.  That's why our fiduciary investment approach ensures that your best interest always come first.





There is no single investment strategy or asset class that stands the test of time. We constantly refine our approach to help maximize the opportunities presented in today’s markets. This process is geared toward always maintaining the appropriate mix of traditional and alternative asset classes.

We believe that a truly diversified portfolio mix should have exposure to traditional equity and fixed income assets along with alternative asset categories such as managed futures, hard assets, private debt or equity, and hedge fund strategies. Additionally, the following three concepts describe our allocation and management method:


Advance and Protect

We are ever-cognizant that markets move in both directions, so we design our portfolios to protect our clients through all market climates. We work to place assets into investments that we believe have the potential to outperform the market when conditions suggest that opportunities for growth exist.

Fluid Asset Allocation

We do not believe in the old-fashioned “buy and hold”investment strategy. Our allocations have the ability to move into both traditional and alternative asset categories for potential growth and/or to reduce risk as necessary in the ever-changing global economy.

Investment Selection

Our systematic approach to investment selection is based upon a compilation of research that is geared to help us maximize the potential risk-adjusted returns that our clients receive. These best-of-breed investments are regularly monitored and put through our monthly fiduciary benchmarking software to ensure that the investment holdings are continuing to meet our clients needs.